About Aloha Golf


Hawaii's Original Golf Club Brand
Aloha Golf Clubs are a custom and specially weighted, custom designed and fitted club built to improve your game! 
The proper golf swing is very specific and unnatural and if your able to perfect it, then your hitting like a professional. However, most golfers never achieve that level of play. After years of playing, lessons and working with professional golfers I heard the same thing over and over again. (That's just the way the clubs where made!) This was always the answer in relation to why golf clubs don't adjust more to the natural tendencies of the average golf swing.
So, I asked myself why don't golf club makers just build them differently? 
This sent me on a difficult and long journey with one goal in mind, to provide a golf club that would look like the rest but perform in a way that felt good, help the average player become better and enjoy the game at the same time. It turned out to be more difficult than I had imagined as most manufactures said what I wanted just was not possible. That’s never been an answer I have accepted! The culmination of what I learned on this journey resulted in a center weighted and balanced club that lines up target unlike any other club. We also discovered that because of the balancing it has less tendency to incorrectly open its face when contacting the turf or sand resulting in a more accuracy and giving the player better shape on the shot.
This is no one trick club, Aloha Golf Clubs where built to help the amateur but are amazing in the hands of a professional.  We are often asked how we compare to other brands and this simple answer is we don't. You just can't compare apples and oranges or old and new. Aloha Golf just does it differently. Aloha Golf Clubs may look like the clubs your used to, but they don't play like the clubs your used to.