Aloha Golf Wedge


The Aloha Golf Wedges have been specially designed and weighted to improve your game!

Unlike all the other wedges that are very toe heavy, Aloha wedges have been center balanced and weighted to rotate back to center through your swing in a true pendulum motion. This weighting and action allows for a better controlled and straighter shot while it's balance helps you keep your head down. You will find that you exert less energy in your swing and gain greater accuracy while still achieving maximum distance. Basically the wedge does the work for you.

The biggest problem for most players today is that when they swing their wedge the face opens. We have found a remedy for that problem and it's the Aloha wedge, This is not one of those gimmick one shot square type wedges that limit you to a short chip, this is a versatile club that must be in your bag.

Aloha wedges are forged to perfection in a sandblasted black finish. We have added a CNC milled face for better grip and ball action. The wedge uses a high end steel shaft and quality grip. We have also tapered down the inside angle and cutting edge for less resistance when in this grass and sand. It will improve any amateurs swing with almost immediate results and puts complete control in the hands of the professional. Why wait! improve you game now!

Aloha Golf Clubs and Putters! Hawaii made and Hawaii played!

Everyone Needs Some Aloha In Their Game!