Custom Handmade Hawaiian Hardwood Golf Putters Made from Koa, Mango or Kiawe.

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Aloha Putters are made from the finest of Hawaiian hardwoods such as Koa, Mango an Kiawe. However these are not just for show, they are designed to be every day use putters.

Why Wood Ask? Many people have moved to a heavier mallet style putter, the idea behind the new putters is that the least amount of motion in your swing the least chance of error. However because of the weight of the putter just an extra touch of power and the ball travels 3 to 5 feet further than you need it to leaving your next put to be more difficult. Aloha putters give you the control you need to sink your putt or leave it closer to the cup.

With Koa and other Hawaiian hardwoods, you have more feel and control over the distance of the putt. Now since wood has some flex and give compared to the metal, you don't have to spend more money on expensive soft touch balls. 

Aloha putters are made of the best Hawaiian Hardwoods and weather coated and protected for everyday use. We use a thick cork putter grip for extra feel and touch and they are simply beautiful!

You can custom order a Koa putter made for you.  Any style or design.

Just send us an email or give us a call for a quote today.